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Get everything you need to setup your 6 figure E-commerce store only at Sinry Academy. Variety of services to help students grow in their journey as a succesful entrepreneur.

E-commerce Course on Selling Digital Products

Learn how to setup your 6 figure e-commerce store by using the strategies we used in our business.


Full Website Setup

We build your shopify store with a white label product of your choice. Shopify Add ons and FB Ads are included in the package.

Customer Email Collection

Take your business to the next level by taking advantage of 3 years of selling data of customers emails, names and cities.


We are serious about our program and want you to be serious too.

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Customer Support 24/5

Got questions and queries? Don't worry our support specialists are available to help.

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Customer Support 24/5

What is Sinry Academy

Sinry Academy is a proven step by step video course on starting a successful online business using untraditional strategies by selling digital products.

Sinry Academy is different from others because we not only teach but also provide all the tools, knowledge and skills students need to setup their e-commerce strore.
  • Thought leadership
  • Modernized prospecting
  • Showcasing success
  • Personal branding
  • Better win rates
  • Sales compliance
Sinry Academy

Benefits of Selling
Digital Products

We made $1,000,000 selling these products,
imagine how much you could make selling the same products.

  • One Time Cost: Pay only once, resell over and over again.
  • Instant Delivery: Because the products are digital and downloadable, delivery is instant.
  • Worldwide Demand: Digital products are the future and are high in demand, this means daily profit.
  • Higher Profit Margin: Due to only having a one time cost & no shipping costs selling digital products hold a higher profit margin.
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What Makes Sinry Academy Different?

Many mentors are selling online courses without telling students about the exact product they need to setup their E-commerce stores.

Exact Product Recommenation

Exact Product Recommenation

Unlike others, in our course we give the same product that we used on our stores.

Focused on Selling Digital Products

Focused on Selling Digital Products

We focus on creating a product with a one-time cost and sell it over and over again.


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What Our Students Say About Us

E-commerce has changed our lives and this is how it is changing the lives of our students. Many of our students have already made four figures. 

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Start Making Money in 4 Easy Steps

Step 1

Join Sinry Academy

Take the most important decision of your life by joining sinry academy and step towards the bright future.

Step 2

Complete Course in First Month

Finish all the modules of the course in the first month to setup your six fugure business.

Step 3

Setup Your E-commerce Store

Make your e-commerce store by learning the startegies and tactics taught by our mentors in the course.

Step 4

Start Earning from Second Month

Progressively foster enterprise-wide systems whereas equity invested web-readiness harness installed base bandwidth.

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Who Are We?

Sinry Academy is working under the leadership of Sina Sinry & TJ Tanler to enable and help young entrepreneurs to start and grow their Ecommerce business.

In the beginning of their E-commerce journey Sina & TJ like everyone else started with selling products online not knowing the obstacles they were about to face such as delays, competition and low profit margin to name a few. 

Seeking help Sina & TJ turned to mentors and online courses. However, most of them only taught selling products online and filled them with false hope by never revealing what products to actually sell. 
After several months of trial and error, Sina & TJ came to the conclusion that selling digital product can be a unique idea due to the benefits of low competition, instant delivery and a higher profit margin.
Fast forward a year later both Sina & TJ are now running 2 successul Ecommerce stores and have generated over a million in sales
Currently averaging $100,000 a month, Sina & TJ decided to start sinry academy creating a course to stop entreprenuers from trying outdated methods by teaching them the exact digital product to sell using their experience as proof.  
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Our Achievements

Sinry Academy
  • Winner of $10K and $50K awards
  • Featured on Yahoo News Singapore
  • Featured on Turkey's KLASS MAGAZIN
  • Featured on Influencive.com
  • Business Recognition from Grant Cardone


Frequently Asked Questions

Selling digital products is simple as all you have to do is to join sinry academy by enrolling in 'Step by step e-commerce course on selling digital products.' Learn all the strategies explained in the course and setup your e-commerce store and sell digital products. 

Unlike other programs that teach Amazon fba and selling physical products we are standing out by sharing our unique strategy of selling digital products.

There is no other program out there that walks you through exactly what you need to know to start an online store fast and what exact product to sell!

Ofcourse! This Course and strategy is applicable to everyone around the world. The beauty of E-commerce is that you can run an online store from ANYWHERE in the world! Wifi + PC + Smartphone + Dedication is all you need to get started!

The speed at which you get results is completely up to you and how fast you go through the program. However our students are expected to see results within the first 2 months,

Selling digital products is better than physical products because there is one time cost and you can sell it again again infinite number of times. There is no shipping cost unlike physical products where you have to bear the cost of shipping. 


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