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E-commerce Course
on Selling Digital Products

Learn the art of selling digital products by using the same strategies that we used for our commerce stores to make $1 Million in sales.

Sinry Academy

Do You Know?

Dropshipping is Dead!

  • You can't compete with the biggest dropshippers (Amazon, Ali Express, etc. )
  • ​Lower profit margin due to product cost, shipping & ads.
  • Everyone is doing dropshipping or Amazon FBA
  • ​Shipping Issues (Delays, Return, etc)
Sinry Academy

Benefits of Selling
Digital Products

We made $1,000,000 selling these products,
imagine how much you could make selling the same products.

  • One Time Cost: Pay only once, resell over and over again.
  • Instant Delivery: Because the products are digital and downloadable, delivery is instant.
  • Worldwide Demand: Digital products are the future and are high in demand, this means daily profit.
  • Higher Profit Margin: Due to only having a one time cost & no shipping costs selling digital products hold a higher profit margin.

In this course, we will SHOW YOU WHAT WE SELL
and we will also PICK THE PRODUCT for your store.

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Is This a Dropshipping Course?

Is This a Dropshipping Course?

No, this is not a dropshipping course. In this course, not only will we teach you how to sell digital products but we will also tell you the exact product we used!

What makes this Course Unique?

What makes this Course Unique?

Our course is unique because we focus on selling digital products which allow you to create a product with a one-time cost and sell it over and over again, this will lead to a higher profit margin and sales.

How Much Do You Need to Start?

How Much Do You Need to Start?

After purchasing our course you will require a few hundred dollars to put into your store in order to cover the website and domain fee.

How Much Profit Can You Make?

How Much Profit Can You Make?

Based on our student’s results after completing the course you are expected to make $4000 to $9000 (minimum) in the first 12 weeks and scale to $30,000 and above within 24 weeks after starting your store.

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Our High Converting Facebook Ad Tactics

We are proud to showcase our Facebook ROAS (Return on ad spend) achievements as we have surpassed way above the average.

Fb metrics 2

Important Metrics

CPM (COST PER 1000 Impressions)

It must be as low as possible.. if cost is high or it gets higher – Change the Targeting or Change the ad creatives.


If the cost per click is expensive – more than $0.8 for the USA for example – Change the Targeting or Change the ads


The more time people spend on your website, this means that the ads and landing page are relevant to the offer and vice versa.


MINIMUM 3 days or 6000 reach. You shouldn’t stop the ads because there is not enough data to make conclusions.

Our Course Modules

After joining Sinry Academy, you will get immediate access to following course modules:

Module 0

The Right Mindset

  • Daily routine and lifestyle changes
  • Empowering your thoughts with the Law of Attraction
  • Mental preparation for running a 6 figure E-commerce empire.

Module 1

Product Selection

  • Discover the difference between Physical & Digital products.
  • Why digital products sell better
  • Learn about the product we used to achieve our success

Module 2

Funnels & Website Creation

  • Picking the right platform for your website​
  • Branding & customer psychology
  • Upsells & Pricing

Module 3

Marketing Content

  • Learn the ins & outs of social media marketing​
  • Creating the right content (pics & videos)
  • Tools for convincing your customers to buy.

Module 4

Email Marketing

  • How to collect potential customers E-mails
  • Which E-mail marketing app is best to use
  • Abandoned check out recovery​
  • How to write Email content to generate constant sales

Module 5

Facebook Ads & Organic SEO

  • How to create & run Facebook/Instagram Ads
  • Laser targeting & our personal Ad strategy
  • Google SEO & blogs

Module 6

Expanding Your Business

  • How to register your LLC company​
  • Business management & adding staff
  • Adding new business lines and creating side incomes

Free Bonuses

Get Access to Free Bonuses with E-commerce Course

Bonus # 1


How to Create and sell NFTs. A complete guidebook to help you in creating and selling NFTs.

Bonus # 2

High Converting Sales Funnels

Top 5 high converting sales funnels & website themes to create highly engaging website.

Bonus # 3

Daily Planner

Free daily planner to plan your day like a billionaire.

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Have Dubts About Purchasing Course?

We’ve all spent thousands of dollars on University degree. A degree that doesn’t even guarantee you a job after spending thousands of dollars. This few hour course will enable you to make thousands of dollars every month.

Learn the Art of selling digital products while sitting in the comfort of your home, we will provide you the product you need to sell in the course, all you need to do is just setup your store and you’ll be ready to make up to six figures a month.
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Our training program is proven with hundreds of happy students. We are serious about our program and want you to be serious too. Check our refund policy.

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About us

Who Should Take This E-commerce Course?

Attention: This course is aimed for both beginners & experienced store owners, please purchase only if you fulfill the following criteria:

  • Willing to give time and commitment to this course
  • Understands the basics of Ecommerce and computer usage
  • Passionate about making five to six figures every month
  • Ability to learn basic information on the financial market and its tools


What Our Students Say About Us

E-commerce has changed our lives and this is how it is changing the lives of our students. Many of our students have already made four figures. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

The original price of E-commerce course of selling digital products is $399, you can get it for discounted price $240. 

After confirmation, you ll get login credentials of the course in your email. 

The speed at which you get results is completely up to you and how fast you go through the program. However our students are expected to see results within the first 2 months.

Unlike other programs that teach dropshipping , Amazon fba and selling physical products we are standing out by sharing our unique strategy of selling digital products.

There is no other program out there that walks you through exactly what you need to know to start an online store fast and what exact product to sell!

We provide money back guarantee if course modules are different from listed modules. You are also eligible for a refund if course has a technical fault and you are unable to access. 

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