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Customer Email Collection

For every entrepreneur, email list collection is an essential strategy. Statistics show that 59% of consumers state marketing emails either positively or negatively influence their purchasing decisions. 80% of business professionals attest to email marketing increasing customer retention.

However, email list collecting is a rather complex task. You can’t create one lead capture form and expect to generate thousands of subscribers overnight. Building an effective email list requires patience, and above all else, a strategy.

So here is a result of our 3 years data on selling digital products for the owners of online businesses that are willing to sell digital products. It’s very valuable and it contains most important data for any business including real data of real buyers with their email, country, name, city, phone number,

Want to take your business to the next level? You can see the price ranges below:

Email list of 1,000 potential customers $49
Email list of 5,000 potential customers $99
Email list of 10,000 potential customers $189
customer email collection