List of High Converting Countries

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After spending countless hours on research based on Facebook target ads and sales reports I have built a booklet of 20 pages that consist of a list of top countries (top countries along shopify store visits).



You can use this booklet to target the right audience on your Shopify store. It is all you need to target the right countries for FB Ads. Stop wasting your money and time checking profitable countries. Use the list of high converting countries to set your foundation for the $1 Million.

In this booklet, you will find the right tools and top countries along highest sales. Below you will find the main elements of this booklet:

  1. Related Topics in Google Search
  2. ​Top countries based on shopify store 1
  3. ​Top countries based on shopify store 2
  4. ​Number of customers in each country
  5. Organic keywords related to recommended product idea
  6. ​Traffic potential
  7. ​Global volume
  8. keyword idea
  9. ​Google searched questions
  10. ​Keyword difficulty
  11. customer type
  12. ​Top selling countries

You can use this list to target your FB Ads & Organic SEO. This list is a crucial element in starting your business.